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UCCA Programs 

Universal Chinese Cultural Academy provides the flexibility for Cantonese learning with live instructions conducted via zoom. To satisfy students' diverse goals, UCCA has the option for students to choose Speaking Only (SO) or Speaking, Reading and Writing (SRW). Students also select to learn in One 2 One format or class format. 

Our Cantonese program ranges from PreK to Grade 8 Level. Our course contents also introduce students to the Chinese culture. The SO curriculum uses an exclusive textbook series written for UCCA. Textbooks contain pinyin to aid our students. The goal is for our students to be comfortable in speaking Chinese and gain understanding in listening to Chinese. Students learn every day vocabularies and practice dialogues such as order food and have conversations with grandparents. 

In our SRW curriculum, we teach the traditional Chinese characters. Through the progression of the levels, students will learn the foundation of strokes, writing sentences, then expand to paragraphs. The curriculum emphasizes in the recognition of characters to support students in expanding their reading capabilities to read storybooks, menus, and advertisements.

A member of the UCCA team will work with new students/parents to ensure the appropriate levels are enrolled.

環宇中文學校以視像形式教學。學生可以選擇只學 講(SO)或講、讀、寫。學生還可以選擇以一對一形式或課堂形式學習。我們的粵語課程包括從學前班到八年級.課程內容還向學生介紹中國文化。 SO課程使用UCCA 獨家編寫的教材。教科書包含拼音以幫助我們的學生。我們的目標是要讓學生能夠有自信地說中文。並加強學生的中文聽力理解。學生會練習情景對話, 例如與祖父母交談。在SRW 課程裡, 我們教授繁體漢字。學生將學習基礎筆劃, 寫句子, 然後擴展到段落。  課程還強調漢字識別, 以擴展學生的閱讀能力。

School Students

& Kindergarten 

At UCCA, we believe learning a language starts with building the foundation at an early age.  In the PreK/K program, students are exposed to Cantonese through hearing and speaking with their first character set. Our Pre-K/K program uses words repetition, games, music, crafts, and storytelling to immerse our students in Cantonese during their session. Throughout their sessions, students are encouraged to speak Cantonese. 


  • Enrollment starts at 4 1/2 years old

  • PreK/K1 are offer via the One 2 One format

  • 40-minutes sessions once a week

  • Kindergarteners learn basic writing strokes

  • Offer during the summer and during the school year.


在UCCA,我們相信學習語言需要從小打好基礎。我們的 Pre-K/K 課程使用單詞重複、遊戲、音樂、手工藝和講故事來讓我們的學生沉浸在粵語中。在整個課程中,我們鼓勵學生說粵語。四歲半可以開始報名。 每堂四十分鐘. 每週一次。

One 2 One

Child Studying

In the One 2 One Program, students follow the PreK/K - Grade 8 Level curriculum to learn at their own pace.

Sessions and time:

  • 40-minutes sessions once or twice a week

  • Flexible Day/time (arranged with instructor)

  • 15 sessions/ 30 sessions

  • Offer year round including summer

一對一形式. 學生 跟據自己的進度學習。 每堂四十分鐘。靈活日期和時間。

Class Format

Sessions and time:

  • Saturday mornings

  • SO classes and SRW Grades K2-1 are 40 minutes

  • SRW Grades 2-8 are 80 minutes

  • Offer school year only

  • Homework support is available

Note: Some class may require a minimum of 4 enrolled students for class to occur.

課堂形式. 週六早上。小班制。 低班每課四十分鐘/ 高班每課八十分鐘。還有功課輔導。

Adult Cantonese

Female Accountant

Adult Cantonese instructions available in One 2 One format to allow students to learn at their own pace. Students can work with the instructor to design a curriculum to meet their goals. We have a specific curriculum for non-Cantonese speaking parents who want to learn basic Cantonese to be able to converse with their young children. 

Sessions and time:

  • 40-minutes sessions- once or twice a week

  • Flexible Day/time (arranged with instructor)

  • 15 sessions/ 30 sessions

  • Offer year round including summe

成人粵語教學以一對一形式學生跟據自己的進度學習 學生可以與教師合作設計課程以實現他們的目標 每堂四十分鐘靈活日期和時間

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